Perfect a Dent Training System

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“Introducing The Perfect-A-Dent Training System!”

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Price(USD): $197.00

How important is making more money to you?

Do you crave the thought of getting higher paychecks that you deserve? Wanna increase the number of sales you’re currently making? Double, even triple your annual earnings?

Well, here’s your chance to claim your Perfect-A-Dent Home Training System– complete with digital downloads, loaded information, and a handy workbook.

Imagine what it would be worth to you…

…to sit in a room (in the comfort of your own house), and witness with your very own eyes, the most profitable PDR Insider Secrets ever revealed.

“1st Year Apprentice PDR Technician Explains The One Single Thing He Did To Secure a $150,000 Plus An Amazing PDR Gig With One of the Biggest Insurance Companies”

There’s no reason why a simple technician like that, can transform his life, and you can’t.

That is why I’ve compiled all that it is necessary for you to succeed in this industry. It’s all jam packed nicely, right here, right now.

You’re probably wondering what it contains, though. So let’s get down to the meat of things. This training package includes the best secrets, advice, and info such as:

– How to beat out the competition and win the jobs that you want

– How to do the work more quickly, and effectively, than anyone else in the business

– Real life examples from start to finish — ones that show you which tools were used, how it was done, and how to set up this system (for yourself) for maximum profits

All of it is explained by Australia’s most in demand and highly paid PDR Master Technician.

BEST PART: You can now get your hands on this valuable resource at just

a fraction of the $6,600 training fees others have invested.

In fact, here’s our special pre-launch offer…

We only have 17 ‘Perfect-A-Dent Paintless Dent Repair Training Programs’ available for the low price of just $197.

Once you read the content, listen to the audio, and soak in everything, there’s no doubt in my mind that you’ll be able to recoup that $197 in just a few months.

Heck, I have some clients that used my system and made that much back in one day!

So, you’ll be saving more than $6,403 just off this offer alone.

It won’t be up much longer as these are being sold quickly. People see the opportunity it presents and are taking immediate action.

Action that will improve their lives.

‘The Perfect A Dent Training System’ contains the premium content that you need. It provides you with a proven method, one that has been selling for years…

But, now it comes in a more convenient format. You can easily watch it to your desktop or your laptop.

Now if you’re okay with working in a mediocre kinda job, and living a mediocre life, then this probably isn’t the right training program for you. BUT, if you are serious, and want to learn about paintless dent repair, then we’ll provide everything you need to be properly prepared. You’ll soon be a success in little to no time.

Here is what I want you to do now.

Be sure to read the next few pages of this letter very carefully, because I’m going to explain 3 simple, very real ways to use our “Perfect-A-Dent Paintless Dent Removal Training Program” to put more money into your bank account — all within the next few weeks. Then, once you have done that, email us at: and place your order before our stock is all gone.

And, if you have any questions, I will be happy to personally answer any of them.

Let’s now dig a bit deeper, shall we?

If you can say “yes’ to any of the following, then keep reading:

Are you sick of your prices being screwed down by insurance companies?

Would you like to find a way to make insurance jobs more profitable without them having a clue?

Would you like to save time on repairs and save money on expensive materials?

Do you want to make some extra cash?

Do you want to earn larger profits for your Smash Repair Business?

Do you want to start a new career (or side business), but not want to study for years or pay crazy amounts of money to do it?

Is quality learning and a niche trade something that interests you?

Do you want to make more money and work your own hours without having to pay the set up costs of a big bricks and mortar business?

All of this is entirely possible with the “Perfect-A-Dent System”

We all know things are getting tighter. No matter how you look at it…

…time with family and friends is getting smaller, the costs of working are going up, and YOUR PROFIT at the end of each week is getting squeezed down.

Has there ever been a more important time in your life to start exploring new, creative, innovative ways of doing business?

Imagine if you could show be your own boss by earning more money, in less time and within hours that suit you!

Here is the answer you have been looking for…

There are 3 main ways that you can start making more money with the “Perfect-A-Dent System” without any worries, whatsoever.

1. Make Insurance Work More Profitable

Repair a 2 day conventional dent in 15-30 minutes and get paid an average of $150 for it. Yes, that is 99% profit, because there are no material costs, and you don’t need to negotiate with insurance companies, nor have someone work on it for 3 days (paying them wages 3 days of wages, plus material costs) when it can be done in less than half an hour!

2. Make More Money with Dent Repair from New Jobs Current Customers

95% of cars in Australia (and many other developed nations) will have small-medium park damage on them. How much does those make out to be, you ask? Well it can average out to be $50-$300 per dent, which is all potential money for your business! Earn more money by charging for individual dents and being able to do 10, 20, 30 or more dents in the same
time as 1 conventional repair. Save time by repairing them in minutes.

3. Save Money By Not Having To Pay For Expensive Materials

With professional standard paintless dent repair tools, you can buy one set, and it will last an entire lifetime. No need to buy increasingly expensive materials for every job or pay 3 days of wages to repair one or two dents conventionally. Also save money by not needing a full size workshop and all of the overheads that go with it. All you need is a double-size car garage and a power point. And, you’re ready-to-go!

Why the Perfect-A-Dent Program?

Because “Perfect-A-Dent” is the #1 PDR Training System on the market. If you or your team are going to learn PDR then why not learn from the best of the best. The “Perfect A Dent” training system has been put together meticulously, piece by piece with the PDR master, Joel Knott, director of Automotive Hail Repairs. Joel has over 16 years of experience and has personally fixed over 20,000 cars using his unique approach. It is extremely hard to pin down the best of the best because they are usually so busy making money with their amazing PDR skills.

The specific techniques and approaches are often kept private and closely guarded. Joel is not only a PDR master, he is also a natural and highly gifted trainer, having personally taught over 100 practicing PDR technicians around
the world.

“When it comes to making money from paintless dent removal, Joel Knott walks the walk.” — Michael Stephenson, Brisbane AU


Hi! I’m Damian from VIP Dent Removal. I’ve been working long side job for many years and I believe that the Perfect-A-Dent Training system is the most effective way to start up in this industry.


Hi I’m Troy from DentDynamics. Originally when I started in this industry, I’ve tried to learn through other training videos from other companies, they didn’t just work for me. They kinda lead me to their own track and I was having a great deal of difficulties. Since I have contacted The Dent Shop, they put me into a training system. Their training system is fantastic, it has taught me everything I need to know. Everything is at 100% and will lead you to the right track.

If you are struggling pushing a dent out or strugling with glue pulling, this training system is the one for you.

It is excellent value for money, at only $197 for the program which you can use to train your entire team (this year and every year moving forward). The way it has been created as a comprehensive home training package means that you or your team will essentially get an apprenticeship in a box.

Pretty cool, right?

Normally if you could get access to Joel to teach your team one-on-one it would cost well in excess of $20,000. With this online training system though you get access to the same training experience via download and workbook,
all for a fraction of the normal price.

Earn $50-$300 in as little as 15 minutes and make your investment for the training program back in a matter of weeks, if not days!

Here are the benefits that you’d receive:

– Get an extra income stream, by repairing dents for your family, friends and customers

– Save time and money on conventional repairs

– Learn in the convenience and safety of your own home or workshop, when it suits you

Learn yourself, or train staff using the same program.

“The One Company In This Industry That You Can Trust”

The Dent Shop Pty Ltd is an established, trustworthy company, who prides itself on only providing the HIGHEST QUALITY Paintless Dent Repair products and training.

What is Perfect-A-Dent, again?

It is a leading edge paintless dent removal training program. This program will not only show you how to repair small to medium-sized dents without needing to repaint the panels, but will help you learn the art of paintless
dent repair.

It will also provide you with the skills, tools and techniques to become a competent repairer within weeks, if not days.

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

It is the ability to remove dents from vehicles without having to paint panels and is currently a booming industry in Australia and around the world. Following in the steps of our USA and European friends, smash repair shops, individuals and customers are seeing the COST and TIME benefits in having small to medium-sized dents removed using the PDR method.

Here is what you get…

Included with your “PERFECT-A-DENT” training system is:

8 extremely detailed step by step videos of premium training by a world-class PDR technician who repairs dents 6 days per week for 50 weeks of the year. He is an expert in the industry with more than 16 years experience and a passion and excitement for paintless dent removal.

We give you tips and training on dent pushing, glue pulling, starting a business and pricing — as well as lots of other little insider tips along the way. Plus, a very useful workbook.

Once you are competent, we will show you how you can get licensed as a paintless dent repairer (HINT: It’s easier than you think)

Do You Have Any Last Concerns?

Even armed with all of this information, do not forget that we are a business and we are just an email away. If you get stuck and have a question that has not been answered in the original 8 day training videos, or the 50 hours of small group training recording, or the 6 weeks of post training teleconferences… We are just an email away!

Feel free to contact us via email me directly with your, and I will personally reply within 48 hours.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to step up and take action now.

Now is the perfect time to learn paintless dent removal and start using it in your company or to make some extra cash (or your own business).

Learn a new trade, add value to your business, and make more money for a small investment of just $197.

And as soon as your payment is received you will be granted access to all of the valuable information as stated above.

Kind regards,


Check with your accountant about claiming this back as part of your business expenses!

Don’t miss this new limited time offer of ours, the “Fire Sale Special” deal. EMAIL
US TODAY TO RECEIVE YOUR PERFECT-A-DENT TRAINING SYSTEM FOR JUST $197! (Only 17 training packages are left at this tremendously discounted price — meaning, this exclusive offer will be closed and offered at a higher price)

Price(USD): $197.00

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Revealed: What other PDR Technicians don't want you to know!

  • How to start your training
  • How much to charge for every PDR job
  • How to market your PDR services

Learn how Paintless Dent Repair Master Technicians Make Thousands of $$$ in a month

Revealed: What other PDR Technicians don't want you to know!

  • How to start your training
  • How much to charge for every PDR job
  • How to market your PDR services

Learn how Paintless Dent Repair Master Technicians Make Thousands of $$$ in a month